Classic: Fibonacci Sequence


Fibonacci sequence is a sequence of numbers where the number at position i is the sum of the numbers at positions i-1 and i-2. Please implement a function to output a Fibonacci sequence, as a list of length n with n as the input of the function. Assume that the first two elements of the sequence are 0 and 1. If the input is 0 or less, please output an empty list.


def fibonacci(n):
  if n <= 0:
    return []
  # initial placeholder for the final result
  res = [0,1]
  # return the simple result if n is 1 or 2
  if n == 1: 
    return res[0]
  if n == 2:
    return res
  # loop for higher input
  for i in range(2, n):
    res.append(res[i-1] + res[i-2])
  return res

# call the function

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