Coding Python Without Installation

One easy way to code python without installing anything on your machine is to use Google Colab. Here is step-by-step instruction.

Run your first python code in Google Colab

1. Go to and if you have not done so, sign in to your Google account using the Sign-in button at the top-right corner of the page

2. Create an empty Colab page by simply choosing File and New notebook on the menu at the top. An empty notebook (or a Colab page) would appear for you in a new tab with an empty cell for you ready to accept your Python code.

3. You can start typing your code in the cell that appears there.

4. Once your code is ready, hit the triangle button to run it.

5. Congratulations on running your first Python code on Google Colab

Save your work

We can save all of our work in Google Drive. There is also an option to save it in Github. To save your work:

  • Click the menu File at that top left corner,
  • if you want to save it to your Google Drive, choose the sub-menu Save(otherwise, if you want to save it in Github, there is also an option Save a copy in Github).

👍 Have fun with Google Colab and Python!

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